Don't sedate your horse - get it's brain working as nature intended

A horse that can tell the difference between a flapping leaf and a lion
knows it is not in danger so it can concentrate on its rider and the job in hand

Our unique range of horse calmers are built on the unique properties of chelated calcium. We call it "food for the brain" because we use it to get the brain working as nature intended.

All these products are Magnesium FREE. Magnesium is known sedative proven to build up in the body when fed to excess. Modern horse diets always have adequate magnesium in them to meet the recommendations of the National Research Council (NRC). Many already have too much. Adding more simply has the power to sedate. If you are happy riding a sedated horse please continue to feed magnesium. If you want your horse to be responsive, trainable and make good decisions over fences then talk to us or select a product from below.

Magnesium blocks the same process in the cells that we are trying to optimize with our unique chelated calcium. So our products are best used with diets with little or no artificial magnesium in them. In a very small number of horses our chelated calcium seems to exaggerate the negative effects of magnesium. Here are some idea for reducing/eliminating artificial magnesium from diets:

Most of the calmers also contain tyrosine which is also a brain enebler not a sedative.

Chelated calcium requires loading and generally that takes about a month. The Starter packs are formulated to achieve the high level of chelated calcium needed without excessive tyrosine. So if your horse has not been on an EquiFeast chelated calcium supplement recently pick a Staret pack first.

Don't feel bad if the choice is confusing - we are delighted to help you select the best product and to create a diet that works most effectively with our approach. Feel free to email us.