We have a number of videos on our YouTube channel. They vary from technical explanations to testimonials to "How to" videos. 

Not all of these refer to products available in the North America but they will help you to understand many of the important concepts and issues our products can help with.

Here is a relevant selection:

Chelated calcium (28 mins): 

Magnesium (short version 5min 40s): 

Magnesium longer version (22mins): 

Safer hacking (2min 33s): 

Bolshy laminitic mare (5min 30s): 

Racehorses - stamina and recovery (4min 30s): 

Showing (3mins 20s): 

Hoof absesses (1min 55s): 

Allergies (Queensland Itch) (1min 15s): 

Lots more on YouTube - CLICK HERE