Our thanks to Julia Kayes from Northern Ireland for reporting how Shamrock, ridden by her daughter Lucy, has changed since switching from a magnesium containing balancer (Bailey's Lo-Cal) to a comprehensive balancer with chelated calcium but NO added magnesium  (Cool, Calm & Collected calmer with Essential Daily Care balancer).




Whether schooling or competing (show jumping) Shamrock would be unpredictable. One day he would buck, another he would stick his head in the air and run on and on others he may stick his nose on the ground - even in canter. A couple of times he even fell over doing this!

He became easily bored and wouldn't work for more than 20 minutes. He was distracted and would be constantly calling to other horses. He suffered a lot of separation anxiety when Julia's mare was taken away from him. Some thought he was riggy.



Lucy's trainer suggested trying Cool, Calm & Collected with Essential Daily Care in May 2019. With this Mag Free balancer he takes everything in his stride. Nothing bothers him. He concentrates, stays focused and listens to Lucy. His separation anxiety is getting less and less. This has made a huge difference to his schooling and competition jumping.

Shamrock has gone through our Fine Tuning process. Our FineTUNE 1 (tyrosine) made no difference to him. Fine TUNE 2 (magnesium) has helped. But too much or for too long makes him worse. So, for Shamrock, just two level teaspoons for a few days prior to a show seems to work well. To put that into context that is 1/15th the amount of magnesium in his previous balancer! And most of the time he isn't getting any extra magnesium at all. Editors note: This amount of magnesium suits about 3% of UK horse very well. For others it seems to make them completely loopy. 97% of horses in the UK using the EquiFeast Fine Tuning Process do best with no artificial added magnesium. Hence the EquiFeast Fine Tuning process and advice is offered to help you find what suits you particular horse or pony. In Australia you can access this by email (mailto:advice@EquiFeast.com) or Facebook messenger (https://www.facebook.com/EquiFeastHorseSupplements).

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