Big head in horses - an answer to oxolate poisoning

Big head in horses - an answer to oxolate poisoning

Studies on non-oxalate affected horses in Britain strongly suggest that there is a specific role for chelated calcium molecules in cells that use an ancient (billions of years old) system called “Calcium Signalling”.  In calcium signalling calcium ions (derived from molecules like calcium carbonate) are used to switch a huge range of cells on. It has been assumed that only this ionized calcium was active biologically. But this may not be the case. There is a rationale that chelated calcium also has a role and, perhaps to support that theory, there are channels inside cells that are specifically capable of managing chelated calcium molecules.

Calcium oxalate is a chelated calcium but it would appear to be a bad one. Interestingly it is much smaller than most of the "normal" chelates. So the research could be suggesting that rather than preventing calcium absorption the oxalate may be preventing the normal functioning of good calcium chelates.

Most of the problems that we see in oxalate poisoning could be explained by an inability of cells to rapidly pump calcium out. This means that nerve cells fire for too long, muscles can’t relax and hormones and neurotransmitters continue to be produced when not needed. Even sweat glands can be affected leading to excessive or inadequate sweat production. And these are the common non-skeletal symptoms shown by horses grazing these tropical grasses – especially after rain.

Where traditional solutions often take 9-12 months – by which time the grass will have dried and oxalate levels fallen anyway – chelated calcium seems to produce dramatic improvements in bone structure, muscle, tendon and ligament function and behavior in less than 2 months. Continued supplementation at a much lower maintenance level keeps horses healthy and able to work whether as stock horses, camp drafters or any other equestrian discipline.

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