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Supporting PSSM Horses

First published April 2012 and updated regularly


PSSM1 is a fairly clearcut genetic disease.

PSSM2 and RER are a mish-mash of different genetic conditions.

There is no treatment for any of these conditions so horses are managed with diet and exercise to optimise their wellbeing. There are a huge number of different opinions about diets for these horses. Some work with some horses and others do not. 

In the UK, America and Australia EquiFeast has very successfully helped horses with their "no added magnesium, no added calcium, no added herb" diets. These are supported by the firm's patented Chelated Calcium technology. In many cases their regime is the opposite of the conventional wisdom and is therefore controversial. This should appeal to people whose horses are not thriving on the more conventional approaches.

In March 2021 EquiFeast started a trial to attempt to understand which variations of PSSM are most obviously helped by their diet approach. Given that there are 362,880 different possible combinations of the various genes involved the trials can only scratch the surface and provide a guide. 

Results will come in over the next few weeks and months and we plan to have individual horse experiences being published on this page to help owners of PSSM and RER horses decide if the EquiFeast approach may help their horse. Then we encourage people to contact us and the best place to start is with a Free Diet Review as our approach is not just to add something but to make sure there are no "anti-nutrients" in the diet. For most of our trialists this has led to a huge simplification and elimination of a lot of supplements.

This trial shows how well (or not) the EquiFeast diet approach has worked in horses with various PSSM diagnoses. It does NOT prove that the diet is helping these individuals because of their condition. The diet may simply be a better one for many horses - most of our products have been sold for normal, healthy horses over many years and improved their behaviour, muscle function, athletic performance and general wellbeing. 

Please click on the link below for stories about PSSM conditions of the various horses in the trial. If the link is not live we have no reports yet:

Biopsy (P1 and P2)









EquiFeast Diets for Horses with PSSM

Magnesium vs Chelated Calcium Diets for horses with PSSM

If you wish to know more about the nutrients we use and those we avoid please visit our extensive "Tell me about ....." section or contact us with your questions.


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