missing-link-in-calcium-signalling.pngPublished 27th October 2016

FIRST OFFlet’s start by rephrasing the above – it should read something more along the lines of ‘Why should I use Chelated Calcium as a behavioral supplement?’ The way Chelated Calcium works, we prefer to refer to it as a behavioral supplement – why? Well calmers often conjure images of sedation and that’s absolutely not what we’re about, nor what Chelated Calcium does.

So what does it do exactly?

How can it work if it’s not sedating and therefore making my horse calm? (which, by the way is a sequence of events that rarely happens…would you feel calm if you were sedated and then asked to perform a number of tasks?).

The active ingredient in CCC is patented Chelated Calcium technology, we believe this has an influence on cellular signalling. It is understood that this is a process used all across the body for many reasons including; initiating the release of neurotransmitters and ensuring ‘messages’ are passed on correctly from one nerve cell to another.

Put less scientifically, we believe the Chelated Calcium in CCC is optimizing brain function – we’re talking food for the brain here! So we have a horse who is able to make more rational decisions, be logical, focused and level-headed. 

A horse that feels capable to cope with its surroundings, is generally a more relaxed and happy. No ridiculous spooking at leaves or having a meltdown about a plant pot.

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