"He could go off property and focus on the tasks at hand!" 



Mr. Cash is an 8 y/o Belgian warmblood gelding (Deauville de la Vie x Toulon). We imported him from the Czech Republic as a coming 5yo and found that he was incredibly spooky - in fact, he nearly died on the trailer ride from USA quarantine to Aiken SC when he spooked at a truck stop and got himself wrapped around the divider bar of his trailer stall. Several truckers had to be pressed into service to free him and he arrived so badly bruised that he could not be ridden for a few months. Over two years of patient effort, Sarah got him going but he spooked at everything, everywhere. On many occasions we thought seriously of throwing in the towel, but he was talented and very willing to jump the jumps, so Sarah was determined to get him settled down. After trying many products that we later discovered were filled with magnesium, I landed on the Equifeast website in one of my many desperate searches for ideas.

After a couple of months of CCC, Sarah started to have a horse that could go off property and focus on the tasks at hand. And this past weekend at Tryon, Mr. Cash came off his summer vacation after very little preparation earlier in the year because of Covid-19 and took on the challenging intermediate course at the challenging Tryon home of the World Equestrian Games, in the rain no less, and jumped the jumps with style and class (and only one small spook at the camera tower that was standing next to a water wheel jump). They won the intermediate division at Tryon International Equestrian Center !!

Thank you, EquiFeast!!!


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