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WINNINGEDGE horse calmer transforms horse

Zoe Adams' horse, Satonamillion, suffered with terrible stable stress until she supplemented his feed with EquiFeast's Vcal chelated calcium found in WINNINGEDGE. Now Satonamillion is as cool as a cucumber when in his stable. 

4 star event rider reveals his secret to safer hacking

Comment from John Twomey 4 star event rider on how EquiFeast's Cool, Calm & Collected horse calmer has transformed his horse Highly Recommended -

"Since starting Cool, Calm & Collected; one of the big places that we have noticed a difference in this horse is in his behaviour when we're on a hack towards home. I can walk towards home, he might get grumpy with me when I ask him to make a halt or in the gate as we are turning towards home but there's been huge improvement in his behaviour towards home, it's made a massive difference."

Bolshy, laminitic mare transformed by EquiFeast

Pam Martin explains how Cool, Calm & Collected transformed her mare Annie from an unpleasant, unhappy, indeed sick mare to a lovely but still exuberant schoolmistress with one small change. The transformation in this mare is astonishing.

Constant horse tendon injuries a thing of the past

Kylie Kawecki tells how her mare Dia's recurring tendon injuries and very difficult behaviour were both resolved in a very short time by supplementing with EquiFeast's Cool, Calm & Collected supplement.

Event rider amazed by immune support supplement

Hawkesbury event rider describes how EquiFeast's Fight Back™ supplement aided his dressage horse in the recovery from a severe skin problem.

EquiFeast's Cool, Calm & Collected transforms horse

Alex Strange explains how EquiFeast's unique Cool, Calm & Collected supplement improved a huge range of behavioural problems in her show horse and made her a far more happier companion.

Problems with farriers, therapists or anyone trying to groom your horse?

Sharney shows that when his brain is working he became far more confident and cooperative.