We didn't have any P8 horses in our trial but feedback from three customers shows two successes and two disappointments.

First Lesley Jennings:

We didn't have any P8 horses in our trial but we do have excellent feedback from our customer Lesley Jennings. She has given me permission to reproduce this Facebook post. You will see that she has use our products in combination with osteopathy and careful saddle fitting (it was her saddle fitter who put Lesley in touch with us:




Confirmation of the n/P8 status of her horse

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We have read some advice on forums that P8's MUST have very high Vit E levels (10,000 ius). Colleen Callahan's feedback doesn't support this.

Colleen Callahan's Ed
Ed is a very complex four variant horse n/P2, n/P3, n/Px, n/P8:

"I gave it a good try with Ed. But once his diet had been changed fully to the same base mix that Vie (see P3) is on and the LAM essentials, he went lame on his right front. He’s had a couple of right front lameness episodes before with no reason behind them. I believe it’s his shoulder but he doesn’t have muscle tightness there or even sensitivity. It has always just gone away in a few days. 

Well he stayed lame for 2 weeks. I was hoping as he got longer into the diet change, it would improve. 

But it didn’t and I couldn’t stand to see him limping anymore, so I changed him back to his previous diet including the methocarbamol. 

So he is currently getting the copra mix, Mellow muscle, and daily methocarbamol. 

I had been giving him extra vit e but I also noticed him getting spooky. 

We ran a few vit e levels and his spookiness definitely correlated with a high e level. 

Mellow muscle does have added e, but he stays in the normal range on that amount. 

Now this past winter, he lost top line. I purchased a new horse last fall (look up the breed Marsh Tacky) who tested n/n for all the type 2 variants plus type 1. So I didn’t work Ed at all last winter. So I’m not sure if it was the lack of work, however inconsistent it had been, or the natural progression of the disease. 

I’ve added some alfalfa pellets back into his mix only and have just started hand walking him. So I’ll see if the same amount of forced exercise that he was getting before plus a bit more protein from the alfalfa helps. 

I might also add some whey. I know Horse Tech here in the US sells a pure horse supplement. I’m just not sure how much to feed. 

Oh and Ed is n/P2, n/P3, n/Px, n/P8"

NG - awaiting feedback but buying LamiCORE for eleven months

Nicola Booth tried very hard for three months based on LamiCORE. We tried a variety of our Fine Tune options but never got the behaviour under control. This horse was on high levels of Vit E throughout. It isn't clear if this helped or hindered.