Horse: Vie
Owner: Colleen Callahan
Country: USA
Genetic state: n/P3 with a positive muscle biopsy
Time into trial being reported: 7 weeks
EquiFeast supplements fed: LAM Essentials

Vie is a TB who is n/P3 variant only, he also has a positive muscle biopsy. He was one of the two that Equiseq used to find the P3 mutation. He’s 15 and I got him as a 2 yr. old. I’ve had about 6 weeks of really nice riding where he wasn’t constantly looking for things to spook at. I finally gave up several years ago as nothing I did made him happy and comfortable under saddle. 

He has been on the follow up for a full week now after finishing the Starter park and I definitely see positive changes in Vie. His top line is noticeably softer. As I haven’t worked him in about 4 years, I’d gotten out of the habit so I’m now trying to fit him back in. So I’ve only worked him twice; so far just hand walking and free lunging. He was a little kooky but never spooked at all. I’m making a concerted effort to start working him regularly. 

Update 11 months later (July 2022)

Vie (who is n/P3) is still on LAM essentials. He gets it with an equal mixture of copra Coolstance, timothy pellets, and beet pulp with no molasses. 

I did eventually add back in the Hoof Helper* that is made by my local feed mill. We talked about it. It contains no added magnesium. His feet just weren’t looking that great. Now they look good again. 

I’m seeing the same results that I’d reported: softer top line and less reactive. 

I decided to not try to ride him again. He seems quite happy being a pasture ornament. 

* Editor's note - this is quite a comprehensive product. many of the ingredients are building on those in LAM Essentials. A few are not in LAM Essentials. It is possible that it is simply contributing more protein or an improved amino acid profile. Time may reveal more to us.