Horse: Vie
Owner: Colleen Callahan
Country: USA
Genetic state: n/P3 with a positive muscle biopsy
Time into trial being reported: 7 weeks
EquiFeast supplements fed: LamiCORE

Vie is a TB who is n/P3 variant only, he also has a positive muscle biopsy. He was one of the two that Equiseq used to find the P3 mutation. He’s 15 and I got him as a 2 yr. old. I’ve had about 6 weeks of really nice riding where he wasn’t constantly looking for things to spook at. I finally gave up several years ago as nothing I did made him happy and comfortable under saddle. 

He has been on the follow up for a full week now after finishing the Starter park and I definitely see positive changes in Vie. His top line is noticeably softer. As I haven’t worked him in about 4 years, I’d gotten out of the habit so I’m now trying to fit him back in. So I’ve only worked him twice; so far just hand walking and free lunging. He was a little kooky but never spooked at all. I’m making a concerted effort to start working him regularly.