Hi Malcolm,

Just to give you an update on progress with my Shetland since we started on the Chelated calcium supplement.

He is 25 yr, 10.3 hh ( dollop of Welsh in there! ) and has had Cushing's for approximately 8 yrs. His readings are very high and consequently he has been on a very high dosage of Prascend (1.5 tablets a day is a lot for a small pony). As time went on he stopped responding to the drug, but all the vets I spoke to advised against upping his dosage further. At this point, I spoke to you about an alternative approach and we started him on your combined chelated calcium and balancer. The results have been fantastic and I am very grateful to you for your timely advice and for introducing me to the product. Below is a diary of his progress :


7 th October 2019 - began the starter pack of supplement. Quite depressed when in stable. 1.5 Prascend tablets a day.

10 th Oct - droppings more solid (having been quite loose)

13 th Oct - much brighter and very jolly to ride ! Droppings still firm.

21 at Oct - still bright and forward going. Took him down to one Prascend a day. 

25 th Oct - very jolly when ridden and happily offering canter. Less depressed in stable.

November - no setbacks. Content pony.

5 th December - lowered Prascend dosage to half a day. He is managing very well, still bright , droppings firm, no depression.

Very happy Shetland and extremely happy owner !!    


Sorry - I can't find an old photo showing his original Cushing's coat. Not sure I have one but will keep looking.


Best Gerri

Editor's note: From our trials we suspect that Gerri will be able to eliminate drugs altogether. If you want to read about our Cushing's trials click here.

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