CCC - Cool, Calm and Collected testimonials:


Lucy and Shamrock - Pony show jumper from bucking and to focused performer

Carrie-Anne and Dan - "seeing the change in him coming off and going back on the supplement was mind boggling"

Danielle and Prince - "EquiFeast CCC and Optimax has been a life saver for my horse, literally!"

Liz and Finley - "I hit the deck regularly due to him spinning in panic...  It has transformed him."

Lauren Coulton - "The difference is unbelievable..."

Dara and Roch - "I cannot recommend this product highly enough..."

Claire and Frankie "I'm excited to see what we can do next with the extra help CCC has given us"

Bridie and Max "Wow!!! Our Max is an improved horse" 

Teresa Sever and Flashy (video) "His behavior is also much improved"

Zoe Adams and Satonamillion (video) "In the ring he has been so focused... just winning all the time"

Alex Strange and Angel (video) "Her separation anxiety stopped within the first week... that's just never happened before in the 11 years I'v owned her"

John Twomey and Highly Recommended "there's been huge improvement in his behavior towards home, it's made a massive difference"


Alison and Barbarossa - Radical Diet Changes Result in Huge Benefits for the Horse, its Rider and her Mum



Carrie-Anne and Dan - "seeing the change in him coming off and going back on the supplement was mind boggling"


I have realised this week, that it has now been 3 years since I started my horse Dan on the Cool, Calm and Collected and what a change it has made!
I knew about the products and company from when Zoe, my sister first discovered the brand. Not having a horse at that time or being particularly involved meant I hadn't seen or understood the full effects of the products.

When I first got Dan in October 2015, he was unfit and had a bit of a grass belly slowing him down. He seemed happy to be getting fit and doing more again, but with this he seemed to get more anxious and showing sharp tendencies. We started going out to shows and they often involved me getting dumped in the warm up arena, due to misbehaviour from Dan - horses coming towards him, a horse grinding its teeth near him, all sorts set him off. However, he more often than not held it together in the ring for us to pick up a rosette or often a win.

After struggling through the Christmas period and realising it wasn't going away I called EquiFeast and started him on the Mag FREE Cool, Calm and Collected. During the summer I changed him onto the CCC and balancer (Essential Daily Care), to help with his increased work load and making sure he was getting all the nutrients he needed. What I find great about the supplement and balancer was that he still has his spark and energy, but has become more rational and takes a breath when he gets worried, instead of just reacting. There have been periods of time where I didn't hack him out, because it was more stress than fun for the two of us where as now we love hacking at the weekends.

Obviously over the time I have owned Dan we have got to know each other better and have built more trust, but I strongly believe EquiFeast has been a key player in this. Towards the end of 2018, Dan got turned out in the field for his annual winter break. Having previously kept him on the calmer for his winter break, I thought I would cut it out this year to see what happened and what he would be like. We stopped feeding him the balancer after his last competition, a week or so before he was going to he turned out. A couple of days he seemed a bit more electric when I rode him, but dismissed it to the cold weather, wind or where he hadn't done much and was fit. It seemed like he very much enjoyed his field holiday, with lots of running around, squealing and mischief. I thought he would get that out of his system after the first week and settle down, the whole time he was out he was happy, but not as calm as the previous year. I was so shocked that it had such an affect on him even being just out in the field and not a competition environment.

I realised that trying to bring him back into work without CCC sounded like a ridiculous idea! I ordered a starter pack of CCC supplement to start loading him before he came back in. Now back in full work and on the balancer it's like nothings changed, Dan is at peace again. I was always a firm believer in the products and regularly recommend them to friends who have seen first hand how he has changed for the better, but seeing the change in him coming off and going back on the supplement was mind boggling.


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Dara Clancy and Roch - 
"I cannot recommend this product highly enough..."

Read on if anyone is as frustrated as I was at having an insanely spooky horse whose erratic bizarre behavior confounded equine logic.


People who saw him gave comments like:

“It looks like he is being electrocuted”
“Every single nerve in his body was on overdrive”
“He completely loses his mind - very dangerous - I have NEVER seen anything like it”
“He’s a spookaholic”
“He would explode out of nowhere”
“Many non-submissive horses choose or simply react in panic, but very few will actually put themselves in harm’s way. Roch appeared to lack self preservation instinct and frequently reacted in violent ways posing risk to not only his rider but also to himself.”
“Roch varied between brilliant and explosive. One day he could be a perfect angel and the next, if you could get on him, he would explode for seemingly no reason.”

Roch seemed to cycle through panic attacks. These were more than ‘spooking’ as he would work himself into a full blown anxiety attack – losing all reason which were either triggered by something visual, auditory or sometimes seemingly out of no where. The spook (the surge of adrenaline) seemed to cause a long lasting panic attack where every nerve in his body seemed to be on overdrive - sometimes these attacks lasted days sometimes weeks.

For over four years prior to Cool, Calm & Collected, I tried to see if they were somehow physical - pain driven.

In our quest to find the driver, he had the usual suspect joints x-rayed (stifle, hocks, etc - all negative) a visit to a top neurologist for specific neurological testing (all negative) neck and head x-rayed, two visits to the equine hospital to have his eyes checked – nothing of significance. A nuclear scintigraphy (bone scan) for possible kissing spine. Nothing.

Diet for a year for EPSM (equine polysaccharide storage myopathy). No change. Massage, chiropractor, acupuncture, bowen therapy, and osteopathy. No change to the cyclical spooking. Blood work for any possible clues i.e. elevated enzymes, etc. All normal. Tested for Lymes, tested for thyroid. Negative. A full nutritional analysis – we tried for every possible angle.

When he was sent for a nuclear scan - (for suspected kissing spin) there was nothing conclusive except, actually written in his report was, “horse was easily spooked”.

But his panic frequency cycles and his distress during his panic were escalating and staying longer. He wasn’t growing out of them. I was even called from my office once as he was spooking in his stall at something he saw in the distance and he was crawling the walls.

He never truly relaxed into his work, even during the good times. With his panic attacks – he would tighten up so badly – it would seem as he was tying up – so you could not work him out through this. He just became even more tight and unreasonable and a danger to himself. His phobic avoidance of places he had identified as terrifying impaired his ability to do the most basic work.

I tried a number of ‘calmers ‘ but none gave him relief. And he did have good weeks where he didn’t spook. I thought he had to be the only bipolar horse in history when I wrote Equifeast. He had just returned from three months in Florida USA to escape the Canadian winter –where we thought the warmth might help him, but he was erratic and was very spooky there.

I had seemingly exhausted all physical reasons for this inconsistent spooking and crazy behavior… and was nearly defeated. Although I had never come off him - (a lifetime of riding naughty ponies and difficult horses, I can stick , and he never tried to get you off). He truly did panic. I watched a super rider experience one of his spooking explosions that had come out of nowhere, and the spooking was so dramatic (I had time to think this all through before she hit the ground she was in the air so long …) I couldn’t give up. I had to find something. 

I found Cool Calm & and Collected online later that month. And it has been 145 weeks of a sane sensible horse. People that knew Roch before, and see him now ,call Cool Calm & Collected ‘the magic powder’.

I couldn’t agree more.

Editor's comments - Dara's diet was naturally low in magnesium. This turns out to be much more import than we used to think. So we like new customers to contact us for a diet review before buying so we can eliminate components that prevent CCC from working as well as possible:

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Danielle and Prince - "EquiFeast CCC and Optimax has been a life saver for my horse, literally!"



"With a substantial stifle injury resulting in initial rest period, my over dramatic cob became bored and disruptive in the field and to handle, making his rehabilitation programme dangerous for both of us and quite unsuccessful. At my wits end, the vet recommended this product and there has been a total switch in temperament and behaviour allowing me to re-start a hopefully more successful rehab programme with him.

I am now recommending this product to my own clients for their sharp horses based on my own personal experience!!!

Love this stuff, it’s GOLD DUST!!!"

Danni Barnes vet physio, MIAAT

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Liz and Finley - "It has transformed him."

   small-image-1.jpg small-image-7.jpg

“I have owned Fin 5 yrs. He has been a challenge! A very very anxious horse. I hit the deck regularly due to him spinning in panic at the slightest thing. He wouldn't walk down our lane when the daffodils flowered one year! We have benefited from natural horsemanship and from having a brilliant bunch of instructors but nothing has been as beneficial as Cool, Calm & Collected. It has transformed him. I can feel him thinking things through now. Yes he looks. Yes he hesitates but then he makes a sensible decision to go forward giving the monster a wide birth. His work in the school is so different now. He is switched on and tuned in. I can feel him working things out and asking questions of me in the best way.

Kind regards and with our great thanks

Liz and Finley”

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Lauren Coulton - "The difference is unbelievable..."


"I’ve been using EquiFeast products now since March 2018 and the difference is unbelievable. I started with their balancer and calmer, then added the digestive support 3 months ago.

My horse has had an extensive history of veterinary treatment for digestive upsets, and after trying many other products and supplements to maintain a healthy gut, this is the one for her! Her gut is a lot happier and droppings have been firm, even with the fluctuating grass growth. Her stress levels have greatly reduced. No more multiple supplements which is great. EquiFeast have been so helpful and I am so grateful for their product!"


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Claire and Frankie "I'm excited to see what we can do next with the extra help CCC has given us"


Frankie is my absolute pride and joy.  He's an 11yo ISH - I bought him 2 years ago from a riding school so he had done absolutely nothing other than follow other horses in a school.  He's a real gentleman and very genuine but I soon discovered that new situations made him very anxious.  It took a long while to get him confidently hacking on his own and our first attempt at spook busting resulted in a broken leg for me!

Worse, though, were competitions away from home. When the hustle and bustle and noise and distractions reached a certain level he just shut down.  He was never dangerous but he was oblivious to any signals from me and all our hard work would fly out the window as he failed to deal with the atmosphere and pressure. We must've entered 7 or 8 ODEs or hunter trials (and spent upwards of £300 in entry fees alone) without ever completing the XC.  Sometimes we didn't even make it to the XC at all!

My instructor recommended I try Cool, Calm and Collected so, figuring I had nothing to lose having already seen my confidence and wallet shredded, I ordered a starter pack from the lovely staff who simply couldn't have been more helpful.  

After 3 weeks we competed in the RC Area 22 Horse Trial Qualifiers and he was a different horse.  He wasn't quieter, in fact, he was probably a little sharper off my aids because he was finally listening to me! He still noticed the noise, the new surroundings, the marquees etc but now, it seemed, he could cope, focus and do his job.  We completed our very first XC course, and did so with no jumping penalties, ending the day with a number next to our name rather than a letter! I'm excited to see what we can do next with the extra help CCC has given us.

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Bridie and Max "Wow!!! Our Max is an improved horse" 


Wow!!! Our Max is an improved horse - he was so good at the last horse show, and that is his freak out place! He has just chilled out - no silly spooks or tantrums. We have been doing groundwork also, but feel it really is the CCC! 

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Teresa Sever and Flashy "His behavior is also much improved"

Attached is a short video of a lesson on a rather windy spring day. Teresa Sever Ocala, FL

When I bought Flashy he was retired from the racetrack with a lot of run left in him. I found out about Cool, Calm & Collected at a Lucinda Green clinic at Longwood, Ocala, FL. At the time I was struggling with Flashy's concentration and explosive behavior. Now that he is on Cool, Calm & Collected he is better able to concentrate on his flat work and jumping. His behavior is also much improved.

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Zoe Adams and Satonamillion "In the ring he has been so focused... just winning all the time"

Zoe Adams' horse, Satonamillion, suffered with terrible stable stress until she supplemented his feed with EquiFeast's Vcal chelated calcium found in WINNINGEDGE. Now Satonamillion is as cool as a cucumber when in his stable. 

(WINNINGEDGE includes the CCC - Cool, Calm and Collected)

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Alex Strange and Angel "Her separation anxiety stopped within the first week... that's just never happened before in the 11 years I'v owned her"

Alex Strange explains how EquiFeast's unique Cool, Calm & Collected supplement improved a huge range of behavioral problems in her show horse and made her a far more happier companion.

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John Twomey and Highly Recommended "there's been huge improvement in his behavior towards home, it's made a massive difference"


Comment from John Twomey 4 star event rider on how EquiFeast's Cool, Calm & Collected horse calmer has transformed his horse Highly Recommended:

"Since starting Cool, Calm & Collected; one of the big places that we have noticed a difference in this horse is in his behavior when we're on a hack towards home. I can walk towards home, he might get grumpy with me when I ask him to make a halt or in the gate as we are turning towards home but there's been huge improvement in his behavior towards home, it's made a massive difference."


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Pam Martin explains how Cool, Calm & Collected transformed her mare Annie from an unpleasant, unhappy, indeed sick mare to a lovely but still exuberant schoolmistress with one small change. The transformation in this mare is astonishing.

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Alison and Barbarossa - Radical Diet Changes Result in Huge Benefits for the Horse, its Rider and her Mum




“As you may recall, when we started out on our journey with CCC, we were ready to give up. Barbarossa was so nervous and spooky it was so frustrating to ride him.  We had excellent trainers at the time trying to help us with his behavior, including both a dressage trainer and a hunter/jumper trainer who we worked with at least 4 to 5 days a week.  We had him on so many supplements and so much magnesium and extra magnesium on top of the magnesium supplements.  CCC changed all that; even one of the trainers we were working with at the time noticed the difference in Barbarossa shortly after we started him on CCC and asked what we were doing different.  


At that time when we got Barbarossa straight with the CCC, he was still on grain containing magnesium, 2 scoops per day.  He was doing okay until we moved the horses to a new facility.  The move created a great deal of stress for Barbarossa and although he was doing the best he could not to be scared, he was much more nervous and spooky than he had become over the last 2 years.  That is when we decided to change his diet fully in accordance with EquiFeast’s advice.  


Removing the grain and magnesium has given me my horse back in just about 2 weeks.  I can actually tell he is happier and more confident not only by his behavior in the cross ties and under saddle but he calls out to me again from his stall when he hears me. After the transition to the new facility Barbarossa would hardly knicker at me when I arrived at the barn.  Now he is so happy again! He calls out with excitement when he knows I am near.


Thank you so much for all your guidance through this journey.  It has made a world of difference.  





EquiFeast comments

Most horse horse calmers work by impairing brain function and so dampening down the natural spook response. Some horses respond OK to this. Others actually become more anxious and spooky when under pressure. If you are thinking of trying EquiFeast’s radical “brain supporting” approach that probably means the sedation approach isn’t working for you.


Over the years since we first introduced chelated calcium calmers to the equestrian world we have struggled with two things. The first is “how does it work?” We approached the calcium expert at Bristol University and asked him this question. His answer was “If Britain allocated all of its’ science budget to trying to answer your question, in ten years’ time, we probably still won’t have an answer.

Is that a problem? Well if you want everything you put into your mouth or your horse’s mouth to be fully scientifically understood – yes it is a problem. But you will never take a paracetamol again because nobody knows how that works either – Google it.


Our desk research and horse field trials have enabled us to develop theories about chelated calcium and, more importantly we are getting better and better at identifying the common things in horse feeds and supplements that interfere with our chelated calcium. Since we want our new customers to have the best chance of getting a positive result with our products we are quite particular at explaining the things we prefer are not in the diet. Most commonly this is artificial sources of magnesium and some brain numbing herbs and amino acids.

If you use a formulated feed (grain) then eliminating magnesium can be very tricky. So our advice is a bit daunting for many people. So here is an American customer story that we hope will encourage you to take our advice seriously, eliminate artificial magnesium and talk to us through the process to “fine tune” for your individual horse.