FineTUNE 2 (previously known as MagTUNE)

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According to the figures published by the National Research Council (NRC) diets based on grass and hay will always meet the recommended levels of magnesium. Even with cereals in the diet a deficiency is VERY unlikely. Despite that many feed and supplement companies add magnesium to their products. They make two major claims:

1. Deficiency is common - the science does not support this

2. Any excess is excreted - the science doesn't support that either.

At EquiFeast we are passionate that many horses are negatively impacted by too much magnesium in their diets. It is a known sedative (used as an anesthetic) and we believe it can impair brain function, damage judgement and decision making, increase anxiety and reduce concentration and focus. It is definitely capable of preventing chelated calcium supplements from working their magic.

However our experience over many years of reducing magnesium levels in horse diets is that a small number of animals benefit from TINY additions of magnesium. Note that we never supply more than 0.8 grams a day - 2.5 grams has been shown to have a similar effect on horses as the veterinary sedative Acepromazine. Whether your horse will benefit from this tiny addition partly depends on the rest of the diet you are feeding but mostly on the individual response of your horse. PLEASE CONTACT OUR EXPERIENCED ADVISORS IF YOU WOULD LIKE GUIDANCE.

Please do not use FineTUNE 2TM when you are first loading your horse with a chelated calcium supplement but feel free to contact us as you approach the end of loading any chelated calcium supplements to see if the behaviour you are observing may benefit from a tiny bit of magnesium.

MagTUNE application:
Active ingredients:
Magnesium (95,000 mg/kg).