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FlexEasi(TM)  (Formerly KS+) is more than just a joint supplement, to improve and maintain excellent mobility we also need to support the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Key benefits of the FlexEasi(TM):

  • Maintains healthy muscles, ligaments and tendons (using antioxidants)
  • Healthy bone function (using Chelated calcium)
  • Healthy joint function (High quality chondroitin and glucosamine)

Trials we ran in 2014 demonstrated that chelated calcium can improve muscle relaxation and suppleness in horses diagnosed with Kissing Spines. Further trials suggest that this effect provides an excellent foundation for more conventional nutrients to build on.

Chelated calcium requires loading so if your horse has not already been on an EquiFeast chelated calcium supplement please use this Starter pack first.

Click here for a short report on our Kissing Spines trials

This product is fed 5 out of 7 days a week.

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    KS+ review

    Posted by Amanda on Oct 10th 2017

    Last year my horse had issues. Cutting a long story short it was eventually confirmed he had kissing spines. He was given 14 injections between his spinous processes to no avail. I decided to give him a chance and operate. After having 7 spinous processes reshaped in Feb 16 he is doing very well in his rehab and I have just started to gently ride in straight lines. He has not lost any top line and he is like a 2 year old again. I can only put this down to the KS+ helping to maintain his top line and also help rebuild his muscles, ligaments etc.! Thank you to EquiFeast staff for continually helping me with questions and information to allow me to make the best decision for my horse.