Sensible Essentials FOLLOW ON Packs (minimum order two packs)

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Sensible Essentials combines our Cool, Calm & Collected calmer with our Essential Daily Care vitamin, mineral and amino acid balancer. All premixed to save you hassle. There is a considerable saving too.

This Follow On formulation and pack contains the maintenance level of chelated calcium. 

This product is in our UK/USA packaging. Two packs (minimum order) should last an 1,100lb horse about 10 weeks. It will be delivered by FedEx. The delivery charge is built into the price of this product and there is a saving to buy three, four or five packs.

Product benefits:

  • EquiFeast's unique chelated calcium calmer works by getting the brain to function as nature intended so your horse soon learns the world is not full of scary monsters

  • Magnesium free balancer does not interfere with brain function

  • Free of mind bending herbs and amino acids

  • Powerful formulation for hooves, coat and general health and wellbeing


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