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Sometimes good luck helps us to come across things that would never follow logically from one scientific paper to another. Customer observations followed by field trials have helped us to identify that the chelated calcium we have been using for 25 years seems to help many laminitis prone horses to cope better and Cushing's horses to manage with much lower or even no drugs. This isn't a treatment or a cure for these diseases but if it helps the horses to live their later years more comfortably it is well worth considering. And that is what our customers in the UK and Australia report so we are delighted to make this technology available for American and Canadian customers to try.

LAM Essentials contains a number of groups of ingredients:

* Chelated calcium helps with brain function but is also the single nutrient we tested on Cushing's horses. It didn't help them all but it helped the majority. Learn more about our trials by clicking here. We also have anecdotal evidence that it helps with laminitics and other hormonal upset issues. Here is an example from an Australian customer of ours - Bolshy Laminitic Mare.

* Psyllium is reputed to help with insulin regulation. We have never evaluated this in our own trials.

* Full spectrum vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement. Includes the amino acid methionine, supported by bioavailable sulfur, for hoof horn growth. This product is Magnesium FREE because excess magnesium interferes with the cellular processes we are trying to support. 

This is the Starter version of LAM Essentials. It is the one to use if your horse is not already on one of our chelated calcium supplements. If your horse is already "loaded" with chelated calcium go straight to the Follow On version of LAM Essentials.

Typical long term cost for a 700lb pony is a little over a dollar a day ($3 a day for the starter version).

Full product specification on our data sheet - click here.


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    Posted by Casey H. on Mar 7th 2022

    Two months in and though at first I felt like I was seeing good results, I am not seeing those now. My mare is a PSSM carrier (n/p1 and n/p2) and symptomatic. The first several weeks I felt like there was some improvement in our training sessions but she has progressively become hotter (and more tense) in the weeks there after. PSSM management is very complex and I have no doubt this works for many horses, but as with most pssm treatments, one size does not fit all I’m afraid.

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    Lams Essentials Start Up

    Posted by Carie on Dec 10th 2021

    My warm blood mare was diagnosed earlier this year (biopsy) as mild PSSM Type 2. I was having issues stabilizing her symptoms on the recommended veterinarian diets. I found Equifeast online and Malcom recommended Lams Essentials to me. I am extremely pleased with the results. She is quieter, but still alert with good energy, her muscle mass is improving, she has lost weight and no longer looks metabolic.

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    vitamins, minerals, and the "magic" ingredient

    Posted by Michelle on Jun 21st 2021

    My horse is doing fantastic on this product. He has PSSM2 and has not tied up since I have been feeding it. His muscles are soft and he is able to move well. Apparently the chelated calcium is something that he needs.

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    Great product!!

    Posted by SJC on Nov 27th 2020

    I have an older gelding with cushings that I do not medicate. This product has helped him immensely with the outward signs of this awful disease.