DIGEST 16 Week Pail

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DIGEST is for horses with chronic digestive problems. It's a powerful antacid (for the stomach) combined with live yeast and live probiotics (for the hind gut) as well as herbal prebiotics for ultimate efficiency.

Many antacids contain magnesium which can upset your horse's behaviour. So this exciting and comprehensive products achieves great results without magnesium.

The 4lb pack will last a 1,200lb horse 2 weeks to 2 months depending on the severity of the problem.

If you are not sure if your horse needs an ulcer or antacid product, EquiFeast are here to help.  Contact our advice team for guidance - CLICK HERE


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Pack size:
1.8kg (4lb)
Ultimate application:
600 - 700kg horse: 1.7 scoops, 500 - 600kg horse: 1.4 scoops, 400 - 500kg horse: 1.2 scoops, 300 - 400kg horse 0.9 scoops.
Ultimate active ingredients:
Sodium bicarbonate, live yeast probiotics, beneficial bacterial probiotics, herbal prebiotics.