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Three reasons why your horses immune system may be struggling!


For the majority of individuals is a system which will work very effectively for most of the duration of their life. However there are numerous factors which can hinder the effectiveness of the immune system, such as:

  1. Prior infection – as you will probably know from your own experience, if you're unwell and then you ‘catch’ another illness/injury on top of that, then sometimes it can make you feel run down for a very long time. This is most likely due to the ’strength’ of your immune system being reduced by the first issue and then not being prepared for the second issue.

  2. Stress – there are numerous studies and anecdotal stories of people suffering from having a lowered/weakened immune system when suffering from various forms of stress. It is not unreasonable to assume that for horses there will be comparable experiences and there have even been some studies which indicate that this is probably the case.

  3. Poor nutrition – If your horse is not receiving all the nutrients it requires in order to produce healthy functioning cells, then their immune system is going to be more susceptible to attack. This in turn increases the chances that there will be physical symptoms.

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