Nov 8th 2017

The Missing Link In Hoof Support

Do they all link? And are we missing one? Until now most hoof support supplements have been based around biotin, methionine, MSM, Zinc and Copper. As discussed in the previous article each do play their role in healthy hooves. Looking at the ingredients label, most supplements will add a few extras; however have we been missing out on a major link?!

Chelated Calcium – The missing link!

All nutrition is only as good as its weakest link. Even with all the above nutrients well covered, some horses still have bad feet! When customers started reporting that a ‘by product’ of their horses’ using our chelated calcium calmer, appeared to be better hoof quality, we were very intrigued!

Our best explanation for this is that the release of the keratin that makes the hoof is controlled by a system inside the cells called calcium signalling and chelated calcium appears to have a role in this process.

All the things we see chelated calcium do (all over the body) would be explained if chelated calcium had a pivotal role in calcium signalling. We certainly have some ideas how that might be happening, but ultimately this sort of fundamental scientific research costs millions of pounds to carry out! So we will remain in that dark about the exact biochemistry involved.

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