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Go Shod or Bare Foot No Problem


The importance of good hoof quality is known by all horse owners, like the saying “No Hoof, No Horse!” Hoof problems are a regular occurrence for many owners and good hoof trimming is essential however it is only half the battle. The nutritional side of maintaining a perfect pedicure for your bare foot or shod ponies is just as important, and is normally the part which is over looked! Hoof quality is only as good as its weakest link. A well balanced diet can play a vital role in prevention of problems and also to help the existing issues.

To produce a strong hoof the diet as a whole needs to be balanced. A lot of bare foot ponies and horses will be good doers, it is highly likely that these horses get all there energy and calories from a forage based diet. So why feed them anything else right? WRONG, these diets are normally lacking vital components for high quality hoof growth.

The first step to maintaining optimum hoof quality on forage based diets is to provide them will the all the nutrients needed. Nutrients such as biotin, methionine, MSM (organic sulphur), zinc and copper are all important for good quality hoofs. Most supplements are missing a vital link calcium! More specifically chelated calcium.

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