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Give your horse’s immune system a helping hand this winter


What can be done in order to keep your horse’s immune system as healthy as possible?

Firstly, have a good base diet:

  • Something high in fiber which allows your horse to have a continuous flow of food through their digestive tract is the best starting point. Horses that do not have a consistent flow of feed through their gut are far more susceptible to acidic gut issues and therefore an increased level of stress, which could most likely be easily avoided.
  • Providing your horse with all the needed nutrients required in order to produce healthy functioning calls.

Secondly, provide all of the building blocks required for the production of cells for the immune system. This can be done very easily by adding in an immune system support supplement such as Fight Back; Fight Back is a supplement which contains not only a very special ingredient extract from yeast, but also a broad spectrum of antioxidants to ensure that the immune system can build itself up when required and maintain health at a cellular level. These nutrients put your horses’ immune system in the best possible position for overcoming illness and injury by enabling the normal function of the immune system to occur.

Infection? Allergies? Skin irritation? Does your horse’s immune system need a helping hand this winter?

CLICK HERE to find out more about immune system support or contact our experienced team!


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