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Five signs that your horse’s digestive tract could probably do with a little bit of TLC


1. Sloppy Poo – To be honest, any change in the consistency or the frequency of your horse’s droppings can be indicative of a change going on in their digestive system. Obviously any large differences would be best discussed with your vet, but subtle changes may be rectified just by introducing a pre and pro-biotic to the diet.

2. Rugging issues/Girthiness (and the associated grumpiness and biting!) - A horse’s way of clearly telling you that they are in discomfort. Most commonly a sign of ulcers (although we have also experienced horses becoming girthy when freshly clipped, which seems to go as the hair comes back through), this is one thing you should definitely be consulting with your vet on, as a quick flick of the ears can easily deteriorate into something more serious if an underlying issue is left unaddressed.

3. Weight loss – You’ve given your horse all of the forage in the world (high fibre, low starch/sugar), checked for obvious illness, trialed every conditioning feed under the sun and you’re still left with a hat rack. It may be time to consider giving your horse’s digestive system a bit of extra care. If your horse’s digestive system is not at its best then they are unlikely to be making the most of their feed.

4. Behavioral issues – If your horse has suddenly become over-reactive to your leg or even backing off the leg, this could again be a sign of ulcers or at the very least digestive discomfort. We also know from our customer feedback that horses that become excessively nervy can also benefit from the inclusion of some antacid support.

5. Dull Coat – Similarly to weight loss, if your horse’s coat becomes dull over winter and they are already receiving a balanced diet, it may be that they are currently just unable to make use of the nutrients you are providing them with. Additional digestive support may be just the thing they need to get them back looking their best.

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