Fight Back saved my horses life

Posted by Malcolm Green on Jan 6th 2021

Fight Back saved my horses life

‘My horse is allergic to alfalfa, brome, wheat, corn, weeds willow and oak, 29 out of 60 things tested on her labs. She is also PSSM1.

I live in Alaska and the bugs make her welt. She would get horrible hives, and that’s just what we can see! They get them inside too.

I had tried everything. Dex only worked while she was taking it and continuous steroids create their own issue. I was really thinking I would have to let her go. Her misery was just too much.

That’s when I came across an ad for Fight Back. It has my hail Mary last ditch effort.

She has gone a full year with no hives! It took a little time to figure a maintenance dose. But we have her allergies under control! I tell anyone and everyone with horses that get hives to give it a try! ‘

Betty James, Alaska

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